The Ethiopian Heritage Digital Atlas (EHDA)

Workshops, presentations and lectures

21.06.2023  EHDA-Workshop in Jena

The cooperation partners from the University of Addis Ababa, the National Museum Addis Ababa, the German Archaeological Institute and the Friedrich Schiller University Jena discussed the current status of the project. The main topics were the entry and collection of archaeological data, the status of the development of the online system components and the documentation of the finds in the National Museum in Addis Ababa. The current war in Ethiopia presents the project with new challenges. (download program)

Participants: Dr. Mulugeta Feseha (AAU, Addis Abeba), Tekle Hagos (AAU, Addis Abeba), Efram Amare (ARCCH National Museum), Dr. Iris Gerlach (DAI, Berlin), Dr. Sarah Japp (DAI, Berlin), Mike Schnelle (DAI, Berlin), Holger Hitgen (Berlin, Jena), Prof. Dr. Norbert Nebes (FSU, Jena), Dr. Wolbert Smidt (FSU, Jena), Helen Wiegleb (FSU, Jena)


23.06.2022  EHDA-Workshop in Jena

Dr. Mulugeta Feseha, Tekle Hagos (both from the AAU in Addis Abeba) and Efrem Amare (ARCCH National Museum in Addis Abeba) met with Dr. Iris Gerlach (DAI, Berlin) as well as Dr. Wolbert Smidt, Holger Hitgen, Heiko Werwick and Prof. Dr. Norbert from the FSU Jena to  exchange information on the status of the project and to discuss possibilities and methods of data collection as well as necessary measures to preserve the archaeological heritage in Ethiopia. (download program)

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